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Post  justforfun on Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:14 pm

~All INGAME GM's are strictly required to follow the set aside rules and regulations as mandated by the OWNER/ADMIN of FLYFORFLY. Any violation/s that a GM may commit may be subject to his/her removal of POWER as a GM depends on the degree of the offense committed and only the OWNER/ADMIN may decide.

NOTE: LOGS are being checked and monitored by OWNER at all times. ALL GM's are WARNED.

1. SYS/SYSTEM SHOUT must only be used when making important announcements/doing an EVENTS only.
2. All GM's are required to use "LORD's SHOUT+FULL SHOUT(30 DAYS)"replacement for SYS (FS to be heard anywhere).
3. All GM's are required to stay invisible when INGAME and must only be visible on EVENT/s or as mandated by OWNER/ADMIN/HEADGM.
4. All GM's are only allowed to do 1 event daily and must ask first the confirmation of the OWNER/HEADGM. No EVENT must be held w/o the confirmation and the name of the EVENT and the ITEM/S to be distributed must be decided first and agreed.
~Strictly 1 event and 1 summon event/day only.
5. All GM's are not allowed to kill normal players or protect any players in ARENA at all times
6. All GM's are not allowed to give out items or penya and they cannot trade anyways. Only if they held an event/s and you won that they are allowed to trade with a player.
7. All GM's are not allowed to use their POWERS to any of their advantage. BANNING/MUTING/FREEZING player for the purpose of protecting close player/s, for personal agenda or without just cause is highly not allowed and will be dealt with based on rules set aside.
8. All GM's are not allowed to power level any players. Spawning monsters, tanking or letting any players leech are strictly not allowed.
9. GM who is inactive for more than 1 week(7 days) w/o any reason will be stripped off GM status. Active GM is needed daily to accomodate player's needs.

Ingame Rules & Regulations
~Please be reminded and be informed that these are the In~Game Rules & Regulations with their corresponding Punishment.
~These rules are made to promote peace and balance in the community.
~Negligence of this rules are your own fault and we therefore encourage all players of FlyForLyf to read this above all before joining the community rather than regret later.
ALL GM RULES Uronmylist
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ALL GM RULES Followtherules

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