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yow this is my GM APPLICATION

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yow this is my GM APPLICATION  Empty yow this is my GM APPLICATION

Post  justforfun on Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:04 pm

so like the title said this is my gm application

•Name: Marcel (but you can call me yuji if you like)

•Age: 16

•Gender: M

•Time zone: (GMT + 8 )

•Past Experience as GM: ok thats gonna be my first time as a GM

•Reason for applying: I can Recruit Players and im very friendly,Helpful, Cooperative, Can be counted on

•Why should we pick you?: Because I can help people with all there problems. I have the personality of a great GM I'm really nice I know a lot about the game. I can multi-task like do events and answer peoples questions at the same time. I am very careful about my answers if it's not right I wont say it I will do whatever it takes to make my answer right so the person doesn't get the wrong answer. I love to host events too so I can have fun and help people!

•Game Experience/ Flyff History: I have played 3-4 years flyff (national flyff) and i know many things about flyff and 1 or 2 years on a pserver

•What languages do you speak fluently?: i can speak: tagalog, english and german

•Do you fully understand the in-game rules an how they should be upheld?: yeah i understand the in-game rules

•What Bothers You Most In The Game?/What is unacceptable to you?:

Fighting: I don't like when people yell at eachother and ruin the game for others and make people quit. I wouldn't want that to happen so I would interfere and tell them this "If you have a problem with another player please report it in the forums not in-game!"

Calling others Noobs,Nubs,ETC: I HATE it when people call a person a noob and the other phrases for it, It bothers me because it makes people feel bad and not like it. If there a beggar like "GIVE ME PENYA PLEASEEE" Give them some penya or tell them what they can do to get some penya. If you give them some penya and they keep asking just tell them "I gave you some penya please stop asking" (Something I forgot to say) If you cant give them any money just say "Sorry but I cant give you any money"

Those 2 are the things I dislike most in game

Well thats my application I hope you like it and vote for me!
It might be a tad short but I can make it longer if it is.

If you wish to contact me I will give you my email


yow this is my GM APPLICATION  Uronmylist
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yow this is my GM APPLICATION  Followtherules

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yow this is my GM APPLICATION  Empty Re: yow this is my GM APPLICATION

Post  GM Pocky on Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:07 pm

Your application is Accepted. But in a pending status. We shall send you an email or a confirmation. Thank you for posting a formal application.

~GM Pocky
GM Pocky
GM Pocky

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