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some IN-game event

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some IN-game event Empty some IN-game event

Post  justforfun on Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:26 pm

ok i gonna post some in-game events here when you have some ideas please inform me

Ingame Random Daily Events hosted by GMs
♣CW/Alpha Summon Event: In this event i will summon a cw/alpha.

♣Hide and Seek Event: In this event i gonna hide some where in madrigal but you can just see my pet or a balloon the first 5 winners will get a price.

♣Bring Me Event: In this event i will say something thing random like BRING ME 30 TWINKLE STONE AND FIND ME SOME WHERE IN flaris, darkon , SM the price will be random.

♣Magic Word Event: In this event the GM will say some thing and you must just say it again ex.
I LOVE FFL. now you must use (/s gm name) and say the magic word too the first 3 winners will get a price

♣Q & A Event: the GM will ask you something about the game the only thing you must do is say the right answer to the gm

♣Find CW Event: In this event the gm will give you some clues where you can find the cw but the gm will not make so easy.

♣ Mad Invasion : In This Event I will gather some people in the city and summon many monsters ... =)

♣ Picture, Picture! : In this Event your going to take a picture with me IG then post it here in the forum [I'll make the Thread here in the Forum] ... =)

♣ Arena Owned : In this Event you will go to the Arena and team up with somebody you need atleast 3 persons to make 1 team I'll choose 6 Teams only for this event ... =)

♣ Good Guild! [GG!] : In this Event you will call your members to take a picture and after taking one you can edit it then post it here in the Forum [Ill make a Thread here in the Forum ] ... =)

♣ Yukata Fashion Party! : In this Event you will wear you Yuakata Fashion then follow the annoucements! [Announcements are like the other games too ] ... =)

♣ Couple UP! : In this Event you and your couple will take a CHEEZY! picture of you two [You and Your Couple] and edit it [If want] then post it here in the Forum [ Ill make a Thread here in the Forum] ... =)

♣ Fight The GM (A favorite): I go to an area like The Haunt of the NyangNyang or Fantasy Desert and people have to fight me (I will turn off instant kill and all those) The first person to get 3 kills wins a prize. Like a Bike, CS, Wings, ETC.

I hope you like some of the event if you got more just feel free to say something maybe it can help the server

some IN-game event Uronmylist
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some IN-game event Followtherules

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some IN-game event Followtherules

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some IN-game event Empty Re: some IN-game event

Post  GM Pocky on Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:52 pm

This will be approved once game is running smoothly already.

some IN-game event Cutesig
GM Pocky
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