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Nidare's GM Application :]

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Nidare's GM Application :] Empty Nidare's GM Application :]

Post  Nidare on Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:00 pm

Name:Alexander Prince A. Ramas


Time zone & Availability [in GMT] :GMT+8

Past Experience as GM [If any]:In Akihisa FlyFF,Fly For Pain and FliptopFlyFF

Reason for applying:the reason why i am applying for being a GM in this server is because i want to help players and control the server.

Why should we pick you?:YOU should pick ME because i am a GOOD player and i know how to control anything if there is some riot in game and in forums :]

Game Experience/ Flyff History:I Experienced That FlyFF is getting nicer and cooler :]

What languages do you speak fluently?:English,Tagalog and Bisaya

Do you fully understand the in-game rules an how they should be upheld?:Yes. I Understand those in-game rules.


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Nidare's GM Application :] Empty sorry

Post  GM Pexters on Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:38 pm

sorry dude ... no more GMs are needed and the server is not up yet Very Happy

Your Head GM,

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Nidare's GM Application :] Cloudydayssig
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