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[GM Pocky's] Money Making Guide!

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[GM Pocky's] Money Making Guide! Empty [GM Pocky's] Money Making Guide!

Post  GM Pocky on Mon Oct 18, 2010 3:17 pm

GM Pocky's Money Making Guide!

In this guide, you will find a handful of helpful tips on how to make money. Some methods require more knowledge and talent than others, however, you have a lot of options to choose from. It's not always easy, but in the end, you'll be wiping your bum with perins.

Table of Contents
Section I) Reselling AKA merchanting
Section II) Sun, moon and green farming
Section III) Donating
Section IV) Dungeons
Section V) Making and awakening pets
Section VI) Events
Section VII) Awakening
Section VIII) Tanking
Section IX) Gianting
Section X) Making art commissions


Section I
Merchanting consists of buying low-priced items and reselling them at a higher price. The more you buy, the more profit you make. However, if you wish to do this, you must have a fair amount of knowledge of the economical status. The best way to do this is by browsing shops in Darkon.
You must be thinking "yeah, but there's thousands of items in Darkon!!". The most profitable items are:
Statted level 90-105 parts;
Sunstones, Moonstones and Shining Orics;
Cash shop points;
CS Consumables (reversions, velocities, high acquisitions, etc);
Awakened items and pets.

Section II
Farming is the easiest way to make money if you're poor to start with. However, it is recommended to have an AoE character to speed things up. The most efficient way to farm is by making a full INT Elementor and killing massive amounts of Kings in Azria with an acquisition scroll (high), and a giftbox party (lv40+). If you don't feel comfortable using an Elementor, feel free to use a Knight, Psykeeper or Billposter -- refrain yourself from using a Ringmaster due to their low damage.

Section III
What is donating? Donating is a system which allows you to spend real money in exchange for Ingame Items. With these items, you will be able to Get Really strong. (Ingame). Certain items are more expensive than others, so don't go around expecting to able to afford everything there is!
Donation items usually go for a high amount of penya, so if you're feeling impatient, just donate and sell off your items. to practically get instant penya!

Section IV
There are a few new dungeons which have been introduced along with version 14 & 15. However, the dungeon I'm focusing on here is the Aminus Dungeon. Inside, you can find treasure chests which usually contain cash shop boxes.
Useful links: - Shows you where the boxes are located. It is recommended to use a Ranger so that you can use the lv105 set (15% block/hp) and Fast Walker, Dark Illusion and Perfect Block.

The next dungeon is the Crystal Dungeon AKA Savage Wilds. This dungeon is quite a challenge, and you need highly upgraded & well awakened equipment to go complete it. The boss drops a variety of special rings and weapons. You may enter the first version at lv60-80, or the harder version at lv60-M - 80-M
Useful links: - Shows you where the pillars are located, and how to defeat the boss. - List of rings and their effects. - List of Lusaka weapons and their effects. - General information about Lusaka weapons.

Section V
Making/Awakening Pets
This is pretty self-explanatory: get a D level pet and level it to S hoping to get decent ranks. If you're richer, use Pet Tamer Blessings to get make a better pet. To gain profit by doing this, you need a lot of luck, so I don't really recommend it.

Section VI
There are always events going on. If you're one of the winners, you get a valuable prize!
Like perin. Bloody's. So be online always and wait for events!

Section VII
Oh, One of my favourite way to make money! Buy NPC shields and Vagrant suits in Flaris and awaken them afterward! This requires no talent or skill; only time, patience and a little money. Try to only keep the decent awakenings (16+ stats, 13%+ adoch, 8%+ dmmt, 400+ mp, 8%+ speed, etc) as they tend to be a pain to sell after a while.

Section VIII
If you have an AoE character with a lot of defense and HP, offer your tanking services to people in need! Tell your customer that you'll tank for him/her if you get to get all the drops, on top of a fixed fee (10m per level, for example).

Section IX
Make a 1v1 class and kill high leveled giants to get Angel/Legendary Golden weapons. Afterward, make a shop and sell your drops! Tip: use a giftbox party, or acquisition scrolls (high) on top of a giftbox cloak if you're richer.
For people who have highly upgraded equipment and well awakened parts, make a guild to kill Clockworks, located in the Darken CW cage. If you're too strong for it, head over to the Red Meteonyker in Volkane situated behind the Glaphan spawn. It drops Bloody weapons, +18 jewels, level 120 blue weapons, and more!
Useful links: - Information about Red Meteonyker

Section X
Art Commisions
Are you the type of person who has artistic talent but loves to draw at the same time? Set up an art shop in the art section of the forums and fulfill your customers' requests by making them what they want for a certain price.*Stay tuned for events regarding this.*

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