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Jester build

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Jester build  Empty Jester build

Post  justforfun on Tue Oct 19, 2010 10:53 pm

What is a Jester?
A jester is one of the second classes of acrobat. It is designed mainly for PvP (player vs player) combat.

Why make a jester?

Besides being proficient in PvP. Here are a few facts about the Jester:
- Get 4% critical chance per 10 dexterity. All other classes get only 1%/10dex so Jester has the highest natural critical rates of any class in flyff.
- Third highest block rate per dex. Same as billposters, but jesters have a self-buff that gives them superior melee block. Jesters are capable of having maximum hard-coded melee block just like billposters.
- Third highest defense per stamina. Only classes with higher natural defense are knights and billposters
- Third highest HP per stamina. Nothing special, but still higher than that of mage classes
- Yo-yos and bows are the second fastest weapons (fast)
- Yo-yo's get a unique "pushback" effect which pushes away monsters or other players making it difficult for them to hit you.


1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+16, DEX+3
3/4: Def+36, DEX+3, FP+10%, MP+10%
4/4: Def+36, DEX+3, FP+10%, MP+10%, Crit Rate+10%

As an acrobat you won't have very good critical rate so this set can be useful if you can get it. The +10% FP is also helpful if you intend on skill spamming till second job change.

1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+20, HP+10%
3/4: Def+50, HP+10%, FP Consumption-15%, MP Consumption-15%
4/4: Def+50, HP+10%, FP Consumption-15%, MP Consumption-15%, Atk Speed+10%

Not a bad set, but will become obsolete by level 45.

Hyper/cruiser, lvl 45
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+20, Bow Attack Power+10, Yoyo Attack Power+11
3/4: Def+41, Bow Attack Power+10, Yoyo Attack Power+11, FP Consumption-20%, MP Consumption-20%
4/4: Def+55, Bow Attack Power+10, Yoyo Attack Power+11, FP Consumption-20%, MP Consumption-20%, Additional Damage of Critical Hits+40%

This is the recommended set to use from level 45-90. If you're leveling as a BJ you may even use it till level 129.

Restron/Rebron, lvl 60
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+20
3/4: Def+48, STR+10
4/4: Def+48, STR+10, Hit Rate+15%

This set is a cheaper alternative to the hyper/cruiser. It can be bought cheaply on the market, and unlike cruiser/hyper, it doesn't require as much upgrading because it already provides the needed hit rate and defense. However, your critical damage won't be nearly as good.

Kanarin/Katria, lvl 75
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+20
3/4: Def+47, FP Consumption-15%
4/4: Def+47, FP Consumption-15%, DEX+8

This set is useless. Don't bother with it.

1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+21
3/4: Def+49, Crit Rate+15%
4/4: Def+49, Crit Rate+15%, Additional Damage of Critical Hits+40%

For most, this is the final leveling set for yoyo jester. However, if you can get 96% critical rate (cap) without this set, then you would be better off with a hyper/cruiser set.

1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+10%
3/4: Def+10%, Ranged Atk Block +10%, Short Range Atk Block+10%
4/4: Def+15%, Ranged Atk Block+15%, Short Atk Block+15%, Add HP

This is your end-game set. The bonus greatly improves your survivability in PvP combat. You should get two suits, one with attack piercings and STR/attack awakes/stats, the other with HP piercings and STA/HP awakes.
This way you will be able pull off the best damage/HP ratio's.

1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+20
3/4: Def+48, STR+10
4/4: Def+48, STR+10, DEX+10

Not a particularly good set, but if you just want to do hit and run hopping cheaply then this is your set.

1/4: No effect
2/4: No effect
3/4: No effect
4/4: STR+10, DEX+10, Add Def+15%, Add HP+15%

This bloody set is not worth it for the cost, and you can't do suit swapping unless you buy two of these+20 stats will not help you as much as +15% block. The devs should really edit this set and give it some useful bonus' like speed, melee block, and higher HP bonus.


1/4: No effect
2/4: No effect
3/4: No effect
4/4: Additional Damage with critical Hit +20%, Accuracy +20%, Evasion +20%, Critical Hit +20%

Good luck getting this set. You might not find it's worth the soul-link either.


A jester is meant to use yo-yos, but can also use bows. These bow-defilers are called BJ's. A jester may use ultimate yo-yos, but not ultimate bows. Recommended piercings are fire cards for damage. Electric cards are unneccesary because you will already have good critical rate.

Toy of Iblis 55-57
Bonus: DEX +2, attack speed +5%

Best yoyo from level 15-30

Wheel of wheelem 90-92
Bonus: Hit rate +10%, critical chance +3%

Best yoyo from level 30-45

Pulley of Clockworks 122-124
Bonus: Attribute attack +3, Critical chance+1%

Best yoyo from 45-60

Guardian yoyo 207-209/355-359
Bonus: +30 Defense, +10% attack speed

This is a good yoyo to use from lvl 60-75

Yoyo of ivillines 208-209
Bonus: STR+3, DEX+3, INT+3, STA+3

Acceptable yoyo. Guardian yoyo would be better unless you can get 100% attack speed without it.

Historic yoyo 223-225/380-384
Bonus: Critical damage +28%, +7 DEX

This is the end-game leveling yoyo for most YJ's, at least from level 75-120M.

Angel yoyo 247-249/417-420
Bonus: +10 STR, +10 DEX

Some may use this for hit and run PvP in the arena because it has STR. Not
the best yoyo for leveling.

Legendary golden yoyo 258-260/434-437
Bonus: +15% HP, +10% attack speed

This is the poor jesters PvP yoyo. Not quite as good as bloody yoyo, but still gets the job done.

Bloody yoyo 271-273/455-457
Bonus: +15% HP, +100 Defense, +10 DEX (note: The bonus on demonflyff may have been changed to +100 damage and +10 STR instead of defense and DEX. awaiting confirmation)

this is THE pvp yoyo. Ultimate and upgrade it as much as you can because you'll be sticking with it.

Ultimate Lusaka's YoYo 399-401
Bonus: Adoch +20%, +10 DEX

Not worth the soul link. Ultimate historic yoyo is a better choice.

Ultimate Vampire YoYo/lusakas crystal yoyo 478-481
Bonus: Critical rate +10%, +20% critical damage, +10% attack speed

Looks cool. It's up to you whether you want to use soul-link it. Although it has higher base attack than ulti historic yoyo, your crits still won't hit as hard. But not a bad yoyo.

Ultimate ancient yoyo 581-584
Bonus: Crit Rate+22%, ADOCH +36%, Attack Speed+22%

This is the ultimate 1v1 yoyo. Worth the soul link. You can easily go
full STR with this and lvl 90 set and have max critical rate/attack speed.


As an acrobat you may choose to either add only str and spam skills such
as slow step from level 15-30, then cross-line at level 30 onwards. Up to a
certain point of course. Or you can also try adding only into dex and use a bow, especially if you wanna level as a BJ.

After second job change, you may choose to level either as YJ or a BJ. This will help you decide:

- Yoyo's get 4.2 attack per STR (higher than bow)
- Can use self buffs such as enchant and special yoyo mastery for additional damage
- Yoyo pushback... it will help you not get hit, but it is REALLY annoying to have to keep chasing your target down through obstacles and around them or when they land inside a freaking wall.
- May use ultimate yoyo's
- Yoyo's get lowest base attack of any weapon
- Constant rebuffing can get annoying after a while.

- Bows get 3 attack per DEX (lower than yo-yo).
- Simply put all stats into DEX.
- Perfect block (don't mean the skill).
- Crits have knockback so along with your block, you will never get hit.
- Arrow rain allows you to AoE (though not very well).
- Cannot use ultimate bows.
- Bows have higher base attack than yoyo's.


First I will cover the yoyo skill-tree of the acrobat. For additional information, refer to this webpage

Slow step - Deals damage, pushback, and -40% speed. Can be used for the skill spamming method of leveling as an acrobat from lvl 15-30, or to slow down a fleeing opponent in the arena or to debuff them.

Fast walker - Self buff, when maxed gives +50% speed for 14 seconds. Has a 20 second cooldown.

Dark illusion - Temporarily makes you invisible to other players in PvP, but you are still vulnerable to some AoE attacks that don't require a target such as BP's bgvur tialbold, Knights power-stump, psykeepers maximum crisis, elementors lightning, blades blade dance, and ringmasters Merkaba hanzelrusha. In PvM it may save your life many times. As soon as you use it, all mobs will stop attacking you thus preventing them from killing you if you are on the verge of death. This skill makes box-hunting in aminus dungeon easily possible. Lasts 14 seconds with a 20 second cooldown just like fast walker. If you want to use this WITH fast walker, then be sure to use it before DI, because using ANY skill will cancel your dark illusion.

yo-yo mastery - Self buff, on demonflyff, it gives +60 yoyo damage. On eflyff it gives only +42.

Perfect block - Self buff that gives +20% melee block. Which means all close ranged attacks in both PvM and PvP will be blocked 1/5 more times than before. A blocked hit only deals 10% of what it would normally do. There is a small chance it might not activate just like blades berserk.

Pulling - This is a fun skill. Especially useful in PvP when a psykeeper satans you. You can pull them within range of your yoyo. Just make sure you get them the first time because it has a 10 second cooldown. The range of the pulling is about the same range as you can fire a bow.

Snatch - Another fun skill. You can steal penya from your target (not much... no more than 1k penya usually). You have to get behind them while in dark illusion for it to work. Excellent for annoying your foes to death. Also deals damage. 20 second cooldown.

Deadly swing - Deals damage and also inflicts a bleeding status to your target where they lose health over time. 3 second cooldown.

Cross-line - Deals damage with chance of stunning the target and pushback. If your main combo fails, you can use this skill to keep them stunned before the cooldown of your dark illusion or penya strike expires.

Counter-attack - This skill can be a lifesaver in PvP. It kinda acts like a self-buff... but it's not. It lasts a few seconds (and you can't move at all or cancel it), but anyone that hits you within a certain distance (range of yoyo) will miss and get hit by your yoyo instead. Also has a 33% chance of stun. Works against both normal attacks and skills. Excellent skill to use against asal nubs for the lulz or as a last resort.

Next, I will cover the actual Jester skills. For additional info, refer to this webpage

Enchant poison - Self buff, gives you +60 additional damage and +20% chance of poison. The poison effect makes the enemy lose health over time thus potentially increasing your damage per second. The only downside is, if an enemy is poisoned by you, then it will cancel out your DI. You'll still be able to use it, but it will cancel out when the enemy loses health which is even worst because you'll have to wait 20 seconds before you can use DI again. There is also another use for this skill in PvP. If you are engaged with another acrobat type.. if you poison them, you can track their movements in dark illusion via the damage counter above their head which will still be visible. Duration 80secs

Enchant blood - Self buff, gives you +50 additional damage and +20% chance of bleeding. Doesn't give as much damage as enchant poison, so why use it? First because it requires no pre-skills. Second, in PvP, your opponents can't remove the bleeding status with convenient antidote potions like they could with poison. duration 80secs

Enchant absorb - Self buff, gives +24 additional damage, and +40% chance of HP steal. This is the best of the enchants to use in PvP (unless you're going for pure damage/HnR), because It won't cancel out your dark illusion. 40% of your hits will drain HP from your target which is useful against giants or super giants. Duration 80 secs.

Escape - This skill will cancel out some speed debuffers such as rangers ice arrow, mercenaries sneaker, and magicians ice missile... skills which drakul might also use occasionally. You will rarely have to use this skill.

Critical swing - self buffs, gives you +40% critical chance. Along with your 4x critical rate, you will easily be able to acheive the maximum 96% critical chance with this skill. Duration 80secs

Penya strike (also called HOP (hit of penya)) - This is the best skill that a Jester can have. This skill ignores defense and hits your targets HP directly. So it will hit a knight with 4k defense just as hard as it hits someone with 0 defense. Like all skills it can't be blocked. Penya strike damage is base mainly on STR. +Attack/damage will also make it hit harder. It has a short cooldown of 5 seconds. Each 1 damage you do with this skill takes 1 penya from your inventory (hence the name). So if you hit a 10,000 with Penya Strike, you will lose 10,000 penya. This skill will generally hit a charging suicide BP before it hits you because of the range, however more DMMT will not make your hop it faster since it's an FP based skill. This skill wil do higher damage in PvM, than in PvP. You can make the gap smaller by putting pvp damage jewels in your ultimate yo-yo slots.

Vital stab - This skill can only be used while in dark illusion. When maxed, it has a 40% chance to deal double damage.

Sneak stab - You need to be behind the target (facing his/her back) for this skill to work. It deals damage and has a 65% chance of stun.

Special yoyo mastery - Self buff, gives +150 yoyo damage on demonflyff, and only +70 on eflyff.

Silence - A very slow casting skill, but disables all of a targets magic skills for a limited time. It does not work on rangers (yet their silent shot will disable your silence -_-), but magicians and assist will be affected. They can still use FP-based skills however.

Critical combos (under construction)

Here are some skill combo's for PvP

Combo #1. DI + penya strike. This is the best combo if you're targeting low HP targets. It will be difficult for the enemy to know where you're coming from or what you're doing in DI. Be sure that you can kill your target with only 1 penya strike

Combo #2. DI + Vital stab + penya strike. This is ideal combo for medium-HP targets, that aren't fast in spamming remantis. However, always expect the worst. Your vital stab may not do double damage so your target may need some follow-up damage.

Combo #3. DI + sneak stab + vital stab + penya strike. This is the best combo for higher HP targets like billposters or other 1-hitters which probably also 1-hit you before you can pull off combo #2. If you're lucky, the sneak stab will stun them and they won't be able to retaliate. Then you can (hopefully) finish them off with vital + hop. Note: if you're attacking a billposter or RM and aren't confident that you will finish them off with the next move - Inflict more light damage first so you don't just activate their prevention.

If even the above combo fails. You will need to stall your opponent until your cooldowns are over so you can either repeat the combo or make an escape. If you have time on your hands, use crossline. It will keep the opponent stunned while doing damage kinda like bp's sonic hand + stonehand. If you need to act fast, then I recommend melee attack. It will push your opponent away from you, given they don't have insane evasion/block and you have decent hit rate.

PvP Tactics (under construction)

Builds (under construction)

Leveling build (not base stats): 100 DEX, XXX STR.

HnR PvP build: XXX STR

Of course, this all depends on your equips. If you have perfect critical rate, hit, and attack speed, then you may not need DEX in your leveling build.

For PvP, there is no set build. You need to optimize your build by yourself so you have the optimate HP/Damage ratio which will vary depending on your EQ. I recommend using Flyff character simulator to find the perfect build for you.

guide gotten from eflyff-not from me

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Jester build  10-42
Jester build  Followtherules

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Jester build  Empty Re: Jester build

Post  ItzMe on Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:35 pm

This is something that annoys me.

Make your own damn guides.It's getting pretty sick just by copy+pasting.And if you do put up a guide,put the original credits from where you got.

Thank you.

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Jester build  Empty Re: Jester build

Post  DeadlySlasher on Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:37 pm

ItzMe wrote:This is something that annoys me.

Make your own damn guides.It's getting pretty sick just by copy+pasting.And if you do put up a guide,put the original credits from where you got.

Thank you.

i agree with the jerk above lol! just kidding, yeah make your own guide xD or put the credits/link, just dont copy paste xD


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Jester build  Empty Re: Jester build

Post  GM Pocky on Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:06 pm

Please post the exact link of your source. you can be accused plagerism.

Jester build  Cutesig
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Jester build  Empty Re: Jester build

Post  Microsoft123 on Thu Oct 21, 2010 7:16 pm

jesters are good..
but in terms of damage, blades are the best

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Jester build  Empty Re: Jester build

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